This section aims to cover the services and apps available on an iPhone, which can be used to provide simple and powerful control of your home and its services and features.


Sounds obvious but one of the easiest ways to monitor your home is to send emails to your iPhone (or any other Smartphone with an e-mail client). Our Home Control System (HCS) can e-mail log files to us. This is very useful for non-urgent notifications and general status monitoring.

Outbound SMS

Again, this is another open and standards based approach that works on all mobile phones and not just the iPhone but, it is one of the most useful and direct ways for our Home Control System (HCS) to communicate urgent notifications whilst at home or away from home. To do this, you need to subscribe to a bulk SMS service such as BulkSMS and write the software to send SMS messages.

Inbound SMS

Inbound SMS provides the ability to remotely control your home using a GSM modem to send SMS messages. In order to achieve this you need to attach either a GSM modem or a mobile phone that can be used in this manner.

iPhone Presence Detection

It is possible to use Bluetooth connectivity on the iPhone to detect whether and iPhone is present in the home but, Bluetooth has a limited range. Never the less, this is a project we are progressing at the moment to see how useful this is.

Another way to detect iPhone presence in the home is to use WiFi but, this assumes the iPhone is in use and connected to a local router. This is achieved by monitoring the devices connected to the router via 802.11x, using the admin interface on your router. This is also a project being progressed.

Web Apps

We have developed our own web app.

iPhone Apps

iLinc 2.0

The first native iPhone/Touch application for the ISY 26/99. iLinc 2.0 and ISY provide the following features on the iPhone/Touch:

  • Real Time Insteon Device Status
  • Automatic Find and Sync with ISY on Local WiFi
  • Secure Connect to ISY over HTTPS
  • Command your Devices Anywhere with WiFi, 3G, or EDGE connection
  • Supports up to 1000 Insteon Devices and 1000 Scenes
  • Supports X10 Devices
  • Keep your Favorite Scenes on the Home Page

Available from direct Link to iLinc from iTunes and Mobile Integrated Solutions.

Video Monitoring


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