This section will cover IR remotes and other similar devices which can be used for home automation. This includes IR, Bluetooth and wi-fi devices and programmable remotes.

Universal IR Remotes


iPhone / iPod Touch

Perhaps the easiest way to use the iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote control for your home is to use the wi-fi connectivty, to access a web server on your home control system and thus drive the main features. This is the approach we have currently taken and we have written a user interface that is optimised for the 480 x 320 pixel display.

New Kinetix have gone one step further and turned the iPhone into a universal remote control by adding an infra-red (IR) adapter. This is aimed more at the entertainment market but could be programmed for home automation too. More information in the entertainments / remotes section.

ZigBee Remote Control

ZigBee Remote Control provides a global standard for advanced and easy-to-use RF remotes that delivers non-line-of-sight operation, two-way communication, longer range of use and extended battery life. It was designed for a variety of consumer electronic devices including HDTV, home theater equipment, set-top boxes and other audio equipment.

ZigBee Remote Control frees consumers from pointing remotes at devices. It offers consumers more flexibility, allowing control of devices from nearby rooms and placement of those devices almost anywhere - including behind wood, interior walls or glass.

ZigBee Remote Control is the public application profile for the ZigBee RF4CE specification. Expect to see devices appearing on the market soon.

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