Ubiquiti mFi

Ubiquiti mFi is a relatively new technology that we are currently taking a look at but, out initial thoughts are not very hopeful. This is a US company, so all of the equipment is designed for US-style power outlets and plugs.

This equipment uses Wi-Fi for the wireless elements and NOT DEFINED../technology.php#wifiNOT DEFINEDwe don't think Wi-Fi is a good choice or home automationNOT DEFINED.

The whole approach taken by Ubiquiti is very technology focussed and feels overly complex. The terminology used reinforces this further, examples from

  • Machine Auto Detection - The mFi controller will auto-detect and provision mFi devices and connected machines on the network.
  • Advanced Analytics - Powerful graphing with user-defined views provide in depth analysis of the machine network.
  • Events and Alerts - User defined event recording and alerts provide feedback on the machine network activity.
  • Remote Control Capability - Remotely control the power and functionality of the machine network.
  • Remote Terminal Support - Terminal command windows support unlimited machine network scalability through single interface.
  • Advanced Rule Creation - Create powerful relationships and automation in your machine network with complete freedom.

Does this really sell it?

Ubiquity dashboard
This dashboard view is another example, which would be a dream for a home automation geek but, most people wouldn't even look at it.

We would like to be proved wrong but, so far we can't see this being successful new product range in an already crowded market.

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