DECT Ultra Low Energy (ULE)


ULE uses a star topology network with the base being wirelessly connected to large number of nodes. ULE communication range is among the longest in the short range wireless communication technologies and over 50 meters in buildings and up to 300 meters in the open air. For the few cases where this range is not sufficient, repeaters can be used to extend the range. Similarly to DECT, ULE can also use more complex network architecture, with several bases connected with each other to cover extended areas (such as offices and larger buildings).

In Europe ULE uses the 18801900 MHz frequency band. As ULE does not operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM band it doesn't cause issues with Wi-Fi and 2.4 GHz cordless phones.

The standard is overseen by the ULE Alliance. The ULE Alliance is a non-profit organisation initiated by the DECT Forum.

Not many people have heard of ULE but we thnk it is going to be very popular. ULE is a very simple and very cheap solution for home automation and DECT already has a massive install base. It is a technology we will be tracking and aiming to integrate into our smart home soon.

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