A typical UK bath
In a typical UK household, you find a bath that looks a lot like this. Various colours have come in and gone out of fashion over the years but, the majority are rectangular and white, designed to mount up against two or three walls.

Free-standing Baths

Free-standing bath classic
In larger bathrooms, it is possible to get away with a free-standing bath and many have a classical design.

Free-standing bath modern
There are modern versions though.

Inset Baths

Inset bath
An inset bath usually a double-ended bath and are fitted into furniture to create a modern contemporary look. Inset baths are supplied without any bath panels as this style of bath is designed to be boxed in and tiled around for a neat, streamlined look

Corner Baths

Corner bath
We currently have a corner bath in our main bathroom. They are a great way to make best use of awkward space but, not all of them are easy to get comfortable in. They tend to be steep sided. They may take up more floor space and some need a lot of water to fill. Offset corner baths are usually available in left-handed or right-handed variants.

Whirlpool & Spa Baths

Most of the above bath styles are available in a whirlpool or spa form. A spa bath pumps air through the base of the bath, while whirlpool baths pump the water through the side jets. Higher end models have both options.

The purchase and installation costs are higher and more complex plumbing will be required, as will access to the pipe-work.

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