In our current home we have a range of flooring but the majority is carpeted. The construction of a home can reduce the range of flooring options open to you. Suspended floors tend to flex a lot more and are generally not suitable for tiles and stone flooring.

Concrete Floors

polished concrete floor
Polished concrete floors offer a relatively low-cost solution but it is quite 'industrial' to look at.

Hardwood Floors

hardwood floor
Hardwood flooring provides a quality, classical look.

Resin Floors

polished resin floor
Companies like Floored Genius provide residential solutions for poured resin floors, stone carpets and microscreeds.

Marble 'Carpet' Floors

We love this technique, whcih uses high pressure water cutters to cut a pattern in sheets of marble to form a decoartive finish:


Tiled flooring generally requires a solid base on which to fix the tiles. Suspended floors, such as we have in our current home flex too much. This would lead to tiles cracking and the joints breaking up.


Vinyl is a relative cheap option but, is handy on flexible floors. It can be very tough and also provide good thermal insulation for a warmer feel on your feet. Vinyl is also available in a wide range of patterns and effects, some being very realistic.


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