There are garages and then there are garages! Check out these links so see some examples of the latter:


Some interesting suppliers and installers we've come across (alphabetical order):

Garage Features

Heating & Cooling

One of the first considerations in designing a garage, is whether it is going to be heated or not. Many wall-mounted air systems are capable of both heating and cooling but, here is the UK we've yet to find a garage that needs a cooling system.

If you are going to go to the expense of heating a garage in the UK, then you might as well make sure is is very well insulated. Equally, you need to make sure it is well ventilated or you have some means to control the humidity in the garage. An integrated dehumidifier makes a lot of sense, especially if you have (expensive) classic cars that will be put away in the garage whilst wet.

Garage roof PV solar panels
One way to achieve this, is to have a large solar PV array on the garage that provides the electricity to heat, cool and control the humidity. This PV array could be part of a house solar PV system or totally isolated from the mains power grid.


Ideally, we would like a garage big enough to hold all of our cars (currently three) and an extra bay to work on our next car.

There also needs to be some space for a decent workshop and storage of tools and equipment.

Guest parking under cover
Our thinking is that it would nice to half of the garage open, for under cover guest parking. Image by Adam Slatter.

The above type of wooden frame building then lends itself to having some usable rooms/space above the cars.

Sink & Toilet

Garage sink
Most garages need a sink, for cleaning stuff. It's going to need to be a durable material and not white!

Ideally, it would be handy to plumb in a toilet as well.


Most houses use a simple 'up and over' single skin garage door. These are not very secure. Roll up or sectional doors are sturdier, more secure and are also available with insulation and better seals. They also maximise the entrance width and can be fitted to a wide range of openings. They are also easy to automate.

Tools & Storage sell a nice wall-mounted car vacuum cleaner.

Bike Storage

Other Stuff

An interesting way to park your car ...

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