Gas Supply

Many modern houses have a mains gas connection via copper pipes installed underground as it is a relatively clean fossil fuel and readily available. The UK's natural supplies of gas are limited though and much of it is imported into the UK via vast pipelines through other countries. In recent times politics has had a direct impact on the amount of gas supplied to the UK and even the UK government doesn't see it as a long term and reliable energy solution. There are initiatives to migrate away from this dependency and to use renewal energy sources instead.

Gas is however the most flexible and controllable way to cook on a hob.

Two gas cylinders for cooking on a gas hob
Two gas cyclinders with an auto-changeover valve being used to supply a gas hob. This is a viable solution when no mains gas is present.

Local Gas Generation

Having recently watched Kevin McCloud's 'Man Made home' TV series, we have started looking at local generation of bio-gas in more detail. You can still watch the clip.

There is also a good article by Home Power magazine.

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