Insulation is THE most important element in keeping your home at the required temperature and in reducing the cost of heating and cooling it. Money spent on insulation is the best long-term investment you can make, providing a better return on every pound spent than solar power, wind power of any other energy generation technology. It is also the foundation of zero energy building.

Loft & Wall Insulation

Black Mountain is the only company in the UK with a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing natural insulation. They produce both sheep wool insulation and hemp insulation.

Solid Wall Insulation

Insulating solid walls has always been expensive and had a dubious payback period. As a result, the insulation industry has traditionally focused on the easier markets covering loft and cavity wall insulation. This is now changing as this BeEnergySmart article shows.


thermal imaging
Companies like Sagewell (USA based) provide a 'drive by' thermal imaging service to assess the quality of your home insulation and identify areas of improvement.

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