Kitchen Accessories

They are literally thousands of kitchen gadgets that solve a whole range of problems that arise in the kitchen. We have focussed not on 'gadgets', but on the essential tools. These are not things you use once a year but, are regularly used, useful devices that make life in the kitchen simpler and safer.

Waste Bins

There are a few things to look out for when choosing a kitchen waste bin:

Our current kitchen waste bin
In our current house we have a hidden, 20 litre bin under the kitchen sink. It is not big enough and this type of bin results in waste sometimes falling out and into the cupboard unit. Another issue is that it takes up useful (conveniently close to the sink) storage space and in our case cannot be used if someone is using the sink. One final issue with this type of bin is that the spring lid prevents the door from closing fully. We had to fit an additional magnetic catch to keep it closed.

Brabantia coloured bin
Brabantia is a well known brand for quality waste bins and they have a wide range, which includes coloured bins like the one pictured (~£200). They are solid and well finished and feature clever one-touch lids.

This is the type of bin we used before. Unless you buy the specific bin liners to fit these bins (which are relatively expensive), the liner may hang over the edge of the bin and be visible under the lid.

Simple Human sensor bin
Simple Human produce a range of quality bins with some clever features. This one has a clever sensor that means you don't need to touch the bin lid. It also quite smart and knows when to open or close.

Again, these bins really need bespoke bin liners and these are quite expensive, compared to off-the-shelf bin liners found in supermarkets (even if you buy them in bulk).

Roasting Trays

Stainless steel roasting tray
Our preference is for non-coated, stainless steel roasting pans and trays. We have found that non-stick coatings never last as long as claimed, even on the premium branded products.



The HAPIfork was launched at CES 2013. Originally developed for clinical or medical use, HAPIfork has moved into the consumer space. It can track your eating habits and schedule and can provide alerts you when you are eating too fast. You can even 'share your HAPImoments online with your friends' but, we don't recommend this!


KitchenCraft silicon spoon spatula
These are the modern replacement for the high-temperature plastic cooking spoon. It is part of the KitchenCraft Colour Works range and they are available in many colours. They are heat resistant to 260º/500ºF. The advantage they have over spoons is that they are made of silicone and quite flexible, meaning they get into the corners of pans and sweep a large area of the pan bottom. They are also stain resistant, dishwasher proof and comes with a 5-year guarantee. We bought ours from Lakeland.

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