HCS Email

This small project came about because our Home Control System (HCS) has the ability to send SMS messages when significant events happen. Because we this was capability was available, it got used for all sorts of notifications. It was an SMS message waking us up at 2am in the morning, to inform me that the ADSL network had failed, that made us realise another mechanism was required for less urgent notifications.

The project objective is to enable notifications from the HCS, to be picked up remotely on devices like iPhones and laptops. As well as short notifications, we also want to email out the HCS log at the end of each day.


This project is now live and in use. Some code written in Java is used to schedule the sending of emails. It is also linked into the code and project to monitor router status and network connectivity.


  • Notification via email is a very useful way to send information, since email is one medium we tend to check regularly on our iPhones.


October 2012

We have subsequently updated and extended this as a generic capability, which is now used for a wide set of functions. This includes sending a summary of HCS logs, delivering personalised EPGs, etc.

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