Teenage Daughter's Bedroom Update

This project was one we undertook in the 2011 summer holiday, to update our daughters's bedroom. She has reached the age where she wanted to move away from a themed bedroom, to one with some style, luxury and some useful technology. As well as a bit of glitz there is a single colour theme around the colour teal in this room now.

One of the key things she wanted was to have fairly neutral room with some splashes of colour and for the new bedroom to have a lot more storage space as well as a comfortable and practical place to work and study. One thing we had promised her, was that as she is now fairly mature and sensible in managing her time and studies, we would allow her a TV in her bedroom. This also has the advantage for the adults in our household, in that we now have a second TV in our home, avoiding some of the screen conflict issues that occasionally occur :-)

The only things staying from her old bedroom layout were the carpet, the single bed (new valance, duvet, etc.), the curtain rail and her recently added desk and shelves above it. The desk and shelves have an oak effect finish that didn't match the old pine units in her room.


Next chest of drawers
Having removed the old pine furniture in her bedroom, we looked for some more modern furniture, that would fit the new layout and match her existing desk. In the end, we decided on two Next chest of drawers, as the colour fitted and they matched our quality expectations and budget. This unit and the one below come in flat-packed form. This one is close to the bed and also acts as a bedside table.

Next chest of drawers
This second chest sits beside the fitted wardrobe and stores all her makeup and other bits (I don't know what it all does!). The TV will be wall mounted above this chest and Internet sockets, mains plugs and TV aerial point are behind it. These two chest of drawers took over five hours to complete from flat-pack form!

Fitted wardrobe outside before revamp
One of the things we knew we needed to rectify was the terrible fitted wardrobe that was in our current house when we bought it. It has three narrow doors to access cramped storage compartments and wastes a huge amount of the space available. The space in the top of the wardrobe is very difficult to access because the doors don't go up to the ceiling.

Fitted wardrobe inside before revamp
As you can see, the inside was very chaotic. We also needed some tall hanging space to store our daughter's ballroom and Latin dance dresses.

We quickly decided to have this fitted wardrobe replaced with a bespoke one that made access much easier and made much more efficient use of the storage space. We ripped out the old wardrobe ourselves, to see what options were open to us.

New fitted wardrobe by Sliderobes.com
To save time, we contracted a company called Sliderobes to install a bespoke wardrobe and new doors into the space. Although we are now happy with the final result, it is fair to say that the expectations set were not always met and the installation went far from smoothly. We also ended up doing a lot of work ourselves, that we thought we had paid to have done.

This is a fairly expensive route to go down and in the future we would be tempted to install the wardrobe internals ourselves and then have bespoke doors like this fitted by a company like Sliderobes. The internal elements are fairly simple to construct and the quality internal fittings are readily available.

The doors are 238cm tall and each one is 69cm wide. The left one is glass with a metallic (aluminium) finish and the right one is a mirror finish.

Internal picture to come very soon ...


The lampshade has been replaced by one that provides good light transmission and adds a bit of glitz (there is a bit of a theme here). The bulb is a compact flourescent 23W spiral bulb, chosen because of its high light output. This will be replaced by an LED equivalent, when they are available with the required output and lighting pattern. This bulb is equivalent to a 120W incandescent light bulb.

Bedside light
Continuing with the 'glitz' theme, is this bedside 'Monet Table Light' from BHS. It has a five 10W G4 halogen lamps and comes with a dimmer switch. It is also bright enough to read by, when sitting in bed.

Bedside light
As well as being practical, it provides a very pleasant light distribution with sparkling effect running up the walls and ceilings.

LED desk lamp
For the desk light we chose a quality, stainless steel LED lamp. This has a high output, low power usage and provides a 'daylight' white light output with no UV content. It was quite expensive but is very well made.

The only downside of importing this from Germany is that it comes with a European plug-in PSU and a mains plug adaptor was required.

The curtains are lined to ensure that the room stays dark at night and external lights have no impact. These also ensure that the early morning sunshine does not light up the room too much.


TV aerial feed
Behind the first chest of drawers was a double socket and TV aerial point. The latter had low quality co-ax to an aerial in the loft.

Internet connection
The existing co-ax was used to pull through some satellite grade co-ax and two Cat5e cables for wired Internet connections. One of these is used to the Samsung iTV. The first mains socket is also for the TV and the second one is used with a 4-way distribution board, which is stored under the chest of drawers. This is pulled out to plug-in a hair dryer, hair straighteners, etc.

The single wall box was swapped out for a dual one, so that the existing TV aerial point face plate now has an additonal one with dual RJ45 sockets next to it.

Samsung UE32D5520
Above this we have installed a 32" Samsung UE32D5520 TV (read our review). This is on the opposite wall to the bed, so that our daughter can sit on or in her bed and watch TV. We chose this TV because of the fantastic picture quality and Internet connectivity. It has DLNA support which means audio, video and photos can be pushed to it wirelessly from her Android Smartphone, her iPod or her laptop.

This is wall mounted so as to not take up any space on top of the chest of drawers. It is also mounted very flat to the wall so as to be less intrusive. The 32" TV was the largest TV that would fit on this wall but it was also chosen so as to not dominate in the room. All of the cables are out of sight and ducted down behind the chest of drawers, using colour matched D-line ducting.

Philips DCB310/05 iPod dock and alarm clock radio
Next to her bed is a Philips DCB310/05. This is an iPod dock and an alarm clock radio. It's quite compact but has a decent sound.

Finishing Touches

Mirror hearts
Above the bed are two matching mirror hearts.

As you can see in the above pictures, there a some matching dance sculptures on one of the chest of drawers.

On the wall above the main chest of drawers is a spiral picture frame with 10 photos in it, from Next.

The curtains are teal with a textured velvet finish, also from Next.


The objective was to revamp our daughter's bedroom to make it a more stylish, usable, practical and interesting space. A big focus was on increasing the storage space available and making it more accessible. We have definately succeeded in this. With the desk and task lighting, it is now also a comfortable space in which to study. The addition of the TV on the wall has also made it a great room for entertainments and has also removed the dependency on our lounge TV, as the sole source of TV content in the house.

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