Networked Front Door Lock

How many people do you know that open their cars with key? These days, most cars are opened with remote controls or via keyless entry systems. So why do we persist with an old fashioned key and lock system on our homes?

The goal of this project is to address this issue and to investigate alternative solutions. It is an extension of our smart front door project. Some key requirements are:

  • Any system must be able to withstand failure of the mains power.
  • It must be possible to query if the door is locked or unlocked.
  • It must be possible to remotely lock the front door.
  • The access control system must be able to identify people gaining entry, i.e. the 'keys' are personalised.

  • Their must be a device that enables guests to gain entry.
  • It must be possible to e-mail (or via other delivery methods) 'one shot' keys or codes to grant access to people.


Our initial focus is on using NFC technology but we also want a numeric keypad as another option.


Existing Products

There are now quite a few existing products out on the market but none of them quite meet our requirements and many have significant security flaws.


Yale Z-Wave & NFC door lock
The Yale Z-Wave 'Real Living' door lock was our preferred option but it simply isn't available in the UK. It is very well made and looks good. It is also Z-Wave enabled and also features NFC capability. Although battery powered, we want to modify it to use a 12V feed from our 12V UPS.

Real Living Z-Wave Deadbolt lock review


Danish company Poly-Control has launched a new wireless Z-Wave door lock that retro-fits to your existing cylinder lock, deadbolt, or magnetic lock. Poly-Lock can be remotely controlled using an iOS or Android app, a web interface or Poly-Control's own keypad. The battery powering the unit should last between 2-3 years. Whilst the lock and keypad are Z-Wave based, they also integrate with NFC, RFID, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset Kevo
The Kwikset Kevo uses an app (iPhone only) to the lock using Bluetooth.


We have been in contact with Yale to see if the above device is available in the UK yet. It isn't yet and we had a new front door fitted in 2014, so we are going to have to park this project until we move house.

We will be tracking the market to see what options are open to us on our next home though.

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