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This is project that is currently being defined for 2014.

iBeacon Devices

Jens Willy Johannsen DIY iBeacon

DIY iBeacon
Jens Willy Johannsen has produced his own DIY iBeacon.


The Estimote has a powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 CPU with 256kB flash memory, accelerometer and temperature sensor. We have pre-ordered some of these.

Estimote YouTube video:

Raspberry Pi

Bluetooth LE 4.0 dongle
With the addition of a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle, each of our Raspberry Pi slave HCS processors can also be used as an Apple iBeacon, to enable accurate in-home location to be determined.

The configuration process is defined on the Radius Networks website. There is also an excellent guide on the Adafruit website

Virtual Devices

There are several apps that can be used to turn later iOS devices (with hardware BLE support) into virtual beacons:


iBeacon Applications

Apple TV

Apple has already begun using one implementation of iBeacons with the new setup for the Apple TV. This shows how the system can mimic some of NFC's proximity features as well as offer a much greater variety of functions  all from a single technology.

Smart Home Applications

The objective of this project is to understand the possible applications in the smart home and how this technology can be used to perform intelligent automation and learning. It has particular relevance to presence in the smart home.

We can envisage how the accurate geolocation information within the home can be used to control lighting and other aspects of the home but, the trick is in getting this information exposed in a useful format.


In progress ...

Location Alerts

iBeacons are perfectly designed for location based alerts within your home. A great example we can envisage it that when you are near the front door and it is opened, it is possible to deliver personalised reminders to turn on the alarm (if it is off) and take you straight into the app to do this.

Our Smart Conservatory is another example, as it provides indication of someone being in the garden and enables appropriate actions to then be taken.

iBeacon Apps

Estimote Virtual Beacon

Estimote Virtual Beacon is an iOS app that can turn your iPhone into an iBeacon.

iBeacon Locate

iBeacon Locate (by Radius Networks) is an Android App that can turn a device into an iBeacon locator. It can be used to measure distance to iBeacons. It is a very useful test tool. It is also available as an iOS app.


LightBlue is an iOS app.

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