Netgear Prosafe 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Review

Netgear switch

We have purchased this device to enable us to expand our home network and to connect up more rooms and devices in our home. The part numer is JGS524-200EUS.

Prior to installation, we were using an 8-port switch in our loft, an 8-port Gigabit switch under our TV and an 8-port switch in our Home Control System (HCS) 19" rack cabinet. Despite this we had run out of free ports for the numerous devices we are using and wall-mounted ports we have in the various rooms in our house.


This switch now resides in our loft within the 19" rack cabinet and is mains powered. It is primarily used for entertainments devices and is not kept running in the event of a power failure by our UPS.

The device has an internal power supply and comes with a mains power lead and brackets for mounting in a 19" rack cabinet. It is rated at 50W but our tests have shown it takes about 10W when no network cables are plugged in. The device is intelligent and reduces power on each power network port if not being used. The power usage will obviously increase as more ports are active.


We have installed this device and it is now the core of our home network. We are using this switch primarily for entertainments and communications, so it does not need to be connected to our 12V UPS. This would also be difficult to achieve as the device has a mains socket and would not accept a 12V power supply.


August 2013

Since we installed this switch in December 2011, we have not had to touch it and it has worked perfectly. The performance is excellent. We now have over 50 IP network connected devices in our home but, a lot of these use Wi-Fi.

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