Sevylor Colorado Kit

Sevylor Colorado Kit
Our Sevylor Colorado Kit is an inflatable kayak designed for two adults. There are three different models of this kayak but, we bought the 'kit' version because we didn't want the spray decks that come with the premium version and we wanted at least one paddle.

This kayak was bought to provide some family fun both on the beach and on local rivers. We have owned roto-moulded 'plastic' kayaks before but, they take up a lot of storage space and require a roof rack to transport them. We think this inflatable kayak will be better suited to occasional use and will be used much more because it is so easy to transport.

In The Box

The box
The kayak comes in quite a big box (77 × 51 × 33cm).

Folded kayak
The main item in the box is the deflated and folded kayak. When you see it like this, you realise how much easier it is going to be to transport in the car and to carry to and from a beach or river.

Backpack system
This kayak features some built-in straps that form a 'backpack system' for easy carrying.

Pump and valves
Also in the box is a foot pump and a pressure meter with various adapters. This is to insure that the kayak is not over inflated. The kayak has three chambers (the floor and the two sides) and these are inflated to 1.5psi (0.1bar or 100mbar). Whilst this doesn't sound like much, most 12V air pumps will struggle to provide much more than 0.5psi pressure and the higher pressure pumps used for car tyres will take ages to inflate a kayak of this size.

Fold up paddle
The kayak comes with one 'fold up' paddle. This comes in four pieces and is very well made with shaped/curved blades and also features some rubber drip catchers. There is a little bit of flex at each join. It is 231cm long from tip to tip. This is longer than a typical touring paddle (215cm or 220cm typically).

Also in the box is an instruction manual and a puncture repair kit. There is also a detachable 'blade' to fix on the rear underside of the canoe, when used in deeper water. This provides better tracking.

In Use

Inflated kayak
Inflating the kayak is really quite quick with the supplied foot pump. We couldn't find an adapter that easily fitted into the floor chamber valve though. 1.5psi feels quite firm but results in a solid kayak.

The 'backpack' straps have their own pocket to enable them to be tucked out of the way. The kayak has handy carry straps built-in at the front and back and on both sides.

The seats have an inflatable base for added comfort and to also keep your bum out of any water that might find its way into the kayak. The seating position can be adjusted quite easily as the base of the seats are use Velcro to fix them to the floor. The support straps can be tightened to provide decent back support too.

2-part valve
A clever feature is the two part valve system. Unscrewing the base part removes the one-way valve and makes it very easy to deflate the kayak.

This short video shows how the kayak is folded and the 'backpack system' works:


So far we have used this kayak on the sea only and it has proved quick to inflate and very stable on even quite choppy seas.

We are looking for a suitable 12V electric pump that can be powered via a car cigarette lighter socket.


2nd paddle
We have bought a 2nd Sevylor paddle. This one is in two parts and feels slightly sturdier because of it. The overall length of the paddle is identical to the one supplied though. We were going to buy a one-piece paddle but, this one fits easily across the boot of the car and is thus is much easier to transport. Our thinking is that, the easier it is to carry, the more the kayak will get used.

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