Withings Wireless Scale WS-30

The Withings promotional video on YouTube:

In The Box

Withings WS-30 side profile
In the box, you get the scales and a quick start guide. The scales are very simple and elegant with a nice low profile.

Withings WS-30 view from above
The display is nice and clear and comes on automatically, when you step on the scales.

Withings WS-30 view from below
On the underside of the scales are two simple indentations. These are 'buttons' that need quite a hard push to activate them. One initiates Bluetooth pairing and the other sets the units of measurement (kilograms, pounds or stones and pounds).

Withings WS-30 feet
The unit comes with four stick-on feet but we are not sure what the purpose of these is.

Configuration & Setup

The quick setup guide instructs you to pull the plastic tab out to connect the installed batteries.

The scales are then paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. On our iPhone the scales appeared as a device called 'Withings WS30 B4'.

On pairing it instructs you to install the Withings app and takes you to the Apps Store page. We installed the app and then tried to run it. Every time we did this it crashed whilst displaying the logo.

A few days later, the app had been updated in the Apple Apps Store and we could get it to run. Once paired with the phone the app request usage of the phones network credentials, to connect the scales to you Wi-Fi network without entering the SSID and network key.

In Use

Using the app, we added all four family members. You need to do this carefully and get the intial heights and weights entered accurately because this information is used to identify individuals. We made a few mistakes and fund we had to go to the website and login to correct them.

When I now step on the scales they identify me by name and record my weight. It can sometimes take a while for a recently recorded weight to appear within the app.


Withings have an active Twitter account @withings and we have have quick responses to questions raised. Follow up to emails seemed a bit slow to start with.


The scales use 4 AAA batteries and some were supplied with the device. When the batteries were inserted the battery level was recorded as 63%. Within 24 hours the low battery warning indication appeared when you stepped on the scales and the battery level was done to just 4%.

New batteries
We inserted some brand new premium Alkaline batteries and the battery level recorded was also 63%. This seems to be a flaw in the scales ability to measure the battery voltage and thus assess the battery capacity. Having followed up with the support line, we were advised on how to update the firmware in the scales, which was thought to be the solution. We updated it but now they are reading 65%.

We will be monitoring battery levels very closely: 13th Jan 2013 = 60%, 17th Jan 2013 = 65% (following firmware update).

See the updates below - we seem to have fixced this issue now.


£100 is quite a lot to pay for some bathroom scales but, we bought these on the basis of their ability to work for all of our family. They are nice looking scales and they will work as simple scales if that's all you want to do with them. The real power is unleashed when you install the app though and associate the scales with your Withings account.

It's a shame that the app has such a large emphasis on upsell of other Withings devices. It kind of detracts from fact that you bought some scales to weight yourself on and may not be interested in heart rate, activity monitoring or sleep patterns.


March 2013

After lots of discussion with Withings over the battery issue, they offered to replace our scales. As a last ditch effort to avoid having to do this, we replaced the batteries once more but, only after leaving the device off for a few hours. This seems to have done the trick and we now got a reading showing 100% battery level :-)

October 2013

The scales are working well and battery level is now down to 70%.

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