LEDlite 3.7W MR16 Bulb Review

LEDlite 3.7W LED MR16 bulb
We use a lot of these LEDlite 3.7W MR16 bulbs in our home. MR16 style bulbs are one of the few bulb types we use in our home within MR16 down lighters because they have proved very reliable and provide good light output with a nice warm white colour temperature.

We have already documented our thinking on choosing a bulb but, there are also some things specific to this bulb:

  • These are MR16 bulbs and they are designed to work with 12V dc or ac voltages. We like 12V lighting because it tends to be much more reliable (LED drivers less so) and is easy to automate. It can also be run from our 12V UPS or 12V batteries. These bulbs will work with both 12V ac and dc voltages.
  • They are not dimmable, though dimmable versions are available.
  • These bulbs are 'warm white' and match the colour temperature of halogen bulbs closely.
  • These bulbs are comparable to a 30W halogen bulb in terms of light output. As an example, in our main bathroom we currently have nine of these bulbs to provide a bright and warm feel to the lighting.
  • They have a fairly standard beam angle of 38°. This means that they need to fairly closely spaced (typically no more than 1.5m apart) to provide even room lighting.


  • Average Life: 3 years
  • Beam Angle: 38°
  • Cap Type: GX/GU5.3
  • Colour Temperature: 2500 - 2900k
  • Light output colour: - Warm White
  • Not Dimmable
  • Size: 50mm diameter, 44mm length
  • Lumens: 190, Effective Lumens: 285
  • Equivalent: 30w Halogen
  • Voltage: 12v ac or dc
  • Wattage: 3.7w


These MR16 bulbs are standard size and easy to fit in any suitable light fitting. Because they are rated at only 3.7W it is important to use either an LED driver with each bulb or a suitable transformer that can power one or more of these bulbs. We don't use LED drivers in our home as they are very variable in quality and reliability.

YT50L transformer
Throughout our current house we have used these lighting transformers from TLC Direct. They work with very low loads and also with dimmer switches. Typically we use one per room with as little as one or as many as ten of these MR16 bulbs connected. They are very high quality, extremely reliable and very well priced.

The item pictured is rated 0 to 50W but versions are available up to 250W.


These bulbs do the basic job of lighting rooms really well where we have simple down-lighters in the ceiling. We don't use them with dimmer switches and they provide good light output with a nice colour temperature. The colour temperature may be a little too yellow for some applications. We have used them for many years and they have proved amazingly reliable. We have yet to have a single bulb fail.

Because they are 12V bulbs they are very efficient and do not get very hot. Our experience of mains voltage LED lighting is that it is not as reliable.

Installed in white fitting
These bulbs also look good when installed in a flush ceiling mount fitting (as used in our main bathroom).

Installed in white fitting
This photo doesn't show it very well but they are bright, with an even light output when viewed.

Installed in silver fitting
We use them in our kitchen in silver fittings.

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