2013 Ford Ka Edge Review

With our daughter learning to drive, we looked at getting her insured to drive the two cars that we currently own. The insurance costs were going to be very high as both cars are fairly high performance. We also both use our cars quite regularly, so it was going to make a lot more sense to buy a second-hand car with a small engine and lower insurance costs for her to learn to drive in and own as her first car. We also wanted a small car that was modern and provided good safety features.

We looked at quite a few makes and models of car before deciding on the Ford Ka. The cheapest and lowest specification Ka model is called the Studio. Our preference was for the Edge model but this is not available now. The main difference with this model is that it has air-conditioning. Both come with a 1.2 petrol engine providing 69hp.

Equipment & Specification

  • ABS brakes
  • CD/radio with AUX input.
  • Remote central locking doors and boot
  • Remote boot opening
  • Tinted rear windows
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Height adjustable steering wheel
  • 6-speaker audio system>

0 to 60mph in 13.4 secs. Top speed is 99 mph. Average mpg is quoted as 57.7. Tank range is 444 miles. CO2 enmmissions are 115g/km.


There are quite a lot of these cars advertised by local main dealers, smaller local car dealers and on sites like eBay and Auto Trader. They vary a lot in age, price and condition. We did our research on trade and retail prices and decided to take try our local auction, Manheim in Colchester. We searched their website and saw that five Ford Ka Edge were cars up for auction (on 19th May 2015). We did some research into trade prices and set outselves a maximum bid price for each car, based on colour, mileage and decribed condition.

On the morning of the auction we arrived with plenty of time to have a thorough look at all five cars. Having done so, we revised our prices (in most cases updwards) because they cars were all generally in really good condition. All were 24 to 36 months old. The Ka we favoured was the first Ford Ka through the auction so we had no idea on what it would sell for. We watched about 60 cars go through before this one though, to get a good idea of how the whole process worked and how to bid successfully.

We checked over the car that we really wanted at the auction. We had a chance to look inside as it was being prepared. The main thing we wanted to check was that it wasn't owned by someone that smoked. The interior looked very good but needed cleaning. The passenger seat appeared to have a few salt water type stains but we will get the car valeted professionally to remove these.

Once the bidding got above £2000 we started bidding. It crept up in £500 and then £100 increments. Quite quickly just two of us were left bidding in £25 incerements. We then made the classic beginners mistake and kept bidding above our pre-agreed limit but, the car was too good to miss for the sake of a few hundred pounds. We won! We paid £100 more than we said we would. We stayed to see what the other cars went for and one went for the same price and the rest for £100-200 less than we paid.

On top of the bid price, we paid a sales fee, a warranty assurance fee (applied to some cars only and not optional) and we also paid a delivery fee.

Front View
The car we bought is a 2013 (registered March 2013) Ford Ka Edge with just 13,500 miles on the clock. The colour is called 'Sunrise Red' and when compared to deep red of my other car, it looks quite light. We would describe it as 'Coral Red' in colour. The condition is very good and compared to main dealer prices we saved at least £1500 (maybe as much as £2000). According to the paperwork we saw when paying fo the car, we paid just £150 over the reserve price.

Rear View
The paperwork that came with the car showed that it had one previous owner and was bought with a Ford finance package from a local Ford. The previous owner had decided not to pay the balloon payment at the end of the 2-year agreement and simply handed the car back to Ford, which was why it then went to auction.

This was the first time we had been to a car auction and the first time we had bought a car at one. The overall auction experience was really good and we both enjoyed it.


Because the ownership was yet to be transferred, we could insure and tax the car initially. It was much simpler to get the auction company to deliver the car onto our drive and they charged a very reasonable £65 to do this. Have purchased the car at around 11:30am, we got a call at 2:30pm to say it was on its way and it arrived at 3:15pm. From the website, we already knew this car was due its 2-year service.

Initial Thoughts

With the car now on our drive we were able to look over it much more throughly. Despite checking the car over at the auction we found a couple of minor scratches that we had missed earlier but these will be easily repaired. Other than needing a good clean, the car is ideal for a learner driver. First year of insurance is costing £644 for my daughter and that is fully comprehensive with a reasonable excess, 3000 mile limited policy and with a DriveXpert tarcking device provided by the insurance company. This price doesn't change once she has passed her test. The vehicle tax is just £30 on the Ford Ka.

This car doesn't have a couple of things that would be useful. It has no parking sensors and it doesn't have the very nice heated windscreen that we have on our Ford Fiesta. It is also missing Bluetooth connectivity to the audio system.

Options & Accessories

Wheel Trims

The Ford Ka Edge model has 14" black steel wheels with clip-on plastic wheel trims. These were a little the worse for wear and we had spotted this at the auction and assumed we could either respray them or replace them.

Wheel Trim
You can buy individual new wheel trims (Ford part number 1558649) for about £20.

A complete set of 4 new wheel trims (Ford part number 1748782) is around £45. Whilst our daughter is learning to drive, we have stuck with the current wheel trims and resprayed them with a silver acrylic paint. I'm sure this won't be the first time they get some new paint!

Resprayed wheel trim
For a few quid we bought a can a silver spray paint and cleaned up the wheels before respraying them. Very pleased with the results as they now have more of a titanium finish. We then applied a clear laquer to provide a shiny finish.

Spare Wheel

We don't like driving around in cars with no spare wheel! Space saver spares have major limitations in terms of speed and distances that they can be used for. Tyre inflation kits simply don't work on larger punctures and also fill the tyre with substances that mean the tyre is more expensive or not easily repaired. We would rather pay the money and know that we have a full-size spare in the boot when needed.

No spare wheel!
Under the floor of the boot was this odd collection of bits. The electric compressor was fairly obvious but the other bits less so. What confused us was that we couldn't find a jack or anything to undo the wheel nuts. That is because they are not there! If you have a puncture you are meant to fill the tyre with the small can of foam sealant, using the electric compressor.

Steel wheel
We took off the wheel trims and had a good look at the steel wheels. These are fairly unique in that they have two holes and pins on the hub to help align them. The wheels are 14" in diameter and 5.5½" in width. The Ford part number is 1675240. These are fitted with 175/65 R14 82T tyres. The wheel offset is marked as ET35.

Note that this is different to the space saver wheels which are 5.0" in width.

Steel wheel markings
Theses are the wheel markings.

Full size wheel in boot
A full size wheel will fit in the boot of the Ford Ka but it stands about 25 to 30mm too tall and raises the boot floor up a bit.

We are happy to live with this and have fabricated a wooden cover to fully support floor mat. Unless you looked closely, you wouldn't really know it was there.


The Ford Ka (Mk II, 2008 model onwards) jack is not sold seperately (Ford part number 1670733). It is available as part of a kit (with space saver) though. It is different to that supplied with earlier Ka models.

Draper jack
Decided to buy a Draper 53093 1-tonne scissor jack in the end as these are more stable and will fit the Ka jacking points.

The jacking points are clearly marked and described in the manual.

Wheel Brace/Wrench

Half Inch Drive Socket Ratchet Wrench Extra Long
Our Ka didn't even come with a tool to undo the 17mm wheel nuts. Our solution was to use a long 17mm socket (we had already) and buy an extra long socket ratchet wrench (375mm) with ratchet to use with it. A long wrench means our daughter will easily be able to undo the nuts.


Our Ka had a set of carpets fitted but the driver's one had a few holes worn in it. It is only possible to buy a full set of 4 carpets (Ford part number 1806144) but these are quite cheap.

Boot Liner

The boot is pretty small, so we are not bothering with a boot liner for this car.

Family Breakdown Cover

With an additional car in the family, it now makes more sense to look at family breakdown cover. We decided to get our local Ford dealer to do the 2-year service though and this comes with 12-month breakdown cover for free.


June 2015

Our daughter has been having driving lessons this month and we have taken her our a few times in the Ka. It's also proving useful to have another car, when one of ours is being serviced, etc. :-)

Initial impressions are good. It's quite a nice car to drive and reasonably quiet at speed. The seat is a little too high and a little less supportive than we are used to though. The air-conditioning is proving useful and works well. It really is a very short car and very easy to park because of this. The auto-stop engine feature takes some getting used to!

Had the Ka serviced by our local Ford main dealer because I wanted them to check over the car thoroughly. Glad we did in a way as they spotted a small nail in one of the rear tyres that we had missed. Less impressive was them phoning up my wife and telling her the car needed two new tyres and new front discs and pads. I had already checked these and wear is low.

New wheel
Bought a new wheel to use as a ful-size spare for £44.40 delivered. The local main dealer wanted nearly £65.

Popped to the local Ford main dealer to get a paint touch-up stick. It cost £11.06.

Further Reading

You can download the Ford Ka Owner's Manual from here.

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